Chef Oscar Muniz

Owner/Executive Chef

Chef Oscar's experience spans about 20 years between New York, Puerto Rico, and Atlanta. His extensive culinary profile and charisma make Chef Oscar a creator of divine foods. By mixing grandmother's cooking with the professional, fine dining techniques there are no boundaries to the succulent fusions of Haute cuisine with French and Puerto Rican influences. 

Chef Oscar brings experience and finesse to the table. He believes in balance, making beautiful dishes that are appealing to the eyes and bringing ingredients to their fullest flavor potential.   


Teresa Rodríguez

Owner and Administrator

Teresa’s experience in the restaurant and food business goes back to her college years working in a Greek Bistro in Berkeley, CA. Living in the Bay Area and San Francisco started an admiration of culinary arts and appreciation of foods from all over the world. With years of experience in the restaurant and administrative fields, working with husband and Chef, Oscar Muniz, was a match made in heaven. Since 2009 they have worked together to make their culinary vision a reality. Owners of Sabores Boutique Cafe in Mableton.